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Dragons Abreast Festival 2018

Dragons Abreast Australia is once again presenting their most vibrant event of the year.

The Dragons Abreast Festival!

Dragons Abreast Australia encourages fitness, fun and camaraderie for breast cancer survivors through the sport of dragon boating. Now in our twentieth year, we have helped thousands of Australians thrive in their lives after breast cancer treatment.

On 20 October 2018, hundreds of passionate people, of all ages, gender and fitness levels, will race 12 metre long dragon boats for a memorable day of fun and fundraising in Sydney, beautiful Darling Harbour, and this is your chance to join in the fun.

The crews are made up of people from businesses, hospitals, schools, Sports crews, breast cancer survivors and supporters, neighbourhoods, families and friends. All walks of life and people just like you who know that together, we can make a positive difference in the lives of breast cancer survivors.

DAA receives no government funding and relies solely on donations. Funds raised from the Festival benefit the programs of Dragons Abreast Australia.

Come and join in the fun and friendly rivalry of the Festival, no experience needed, just a passion to support Dragons Abreast Australia and breast cancer survivors.

There is lots happening on the day, including the Chinese Youth League Lion Dancers, the moving “Flowers on the Water” Ceremony and other fun activities besides the awesome dragon boat racing!

For more information and to find out how you can help really make a difference to the lives of breast cancer survivors, please contact Angie O’Reilly, Festival Project Manager on or 0434 906 208.


Registered Teams

Top Teams

  • Wendy Mann Dragons Abreast Sydney $5,833.50
  • Corina Wotherspoon FuFighters $4,359.43
  • Linda Papworth Dragons Abreast Patterson Lakes Pink Lotus $3,885.05
  • deborah cheung Breastcare Clinic $3,717.00
  • Rosemary Tran Stockland Spirit $2,856.25
  • Wyatt Leung Ausgrid Sparks Fly $2,704.05
  • Angie O'Reilly Bei Loon Dragon Boat Club $2,602.60
  • Matt Andrews NITV Dragons $2,564.16
  • Angie O'Reilly Dragons Abreast Team Inspiration $2,523.28
  • Michiko Ban Mighty Mater $2,500.00
  • Pearl Butcher Dragons Abreast Western NSW $2,458.75
  • Rachael Viljevac DXC Dragons Sydney $2,400.00
  • Debra Bennett Dragons Abreast Townsville $2,400.00
  • Gary Hooper myVibe Health & Fitness $2,400.00
  • Donna Harrison DA Bendigo Pink $2,400.00
  • Ali Sutton DA Melbourne - DAM Busters $2,381.75
  • Euphemia Foo CBA Can Dragons $2,373.55
  • Alan Howard Prostate Dragons $2,326.50
  • Julie Gillie DA Hobart - Boobialla $2,272.50
  • J Cooper Westmead Warriors $2,253.17
  • Isobel Villanueva IBM Dragons $2,187.00
  • Cathy O'Brien The Rum Paddlers $2,135.15
  • Sue Von Richter Missabittatitti - Team Hau'oli $2,130.00
  • Paul Driessen Taylor Fry Paddle Pups $2,109.00
  • Soo Min Heng Team PoWer $2,108.16
  • Sharon Slowey Pendragons Abreast Pink $2,077.25
  • Louise Martel Outback Dragons Dubbo $2,050.00
  • Amanda Warner Royal Australian Navy Dragon Boat Team $2,000.00
  • Donna Lennon Dragons Abreast Canberra $2,000.00
  • Sharon Slowey Pendragons Abreast Purple $2,000.00
  • Robyn Ridnell Dragons Abreast Bendigo $2,000.00
  • Sue Von Richter Missabittatitti Supporters - Team aloha keiki $2,000.00
  • Nella Berry Newcastle Hunter Dragons Abreast $2,000.00
  • Sue Von Richter Missabittatitti - Team Aloha $2,000.00
  • Lauren Vanderkroft Nexia Ninja $2,000.00
  • Claire Hendy The Pink Kiwis $2,000.00
  • Chris Nivison-Smith GHD Gurus $2,000.00
  • Xanthe Jones Vinnies Vikings $0.00
  • Jason Kay Purple Warriors $0.00
  • Will Carrillo GHD Hoodoos $0.00


Top Individuals

  • Carolyn Cowle Carolyn Cowle $3,511.00
  • deborah cheung Dr Deborah Cheung, Breastcare Clinic $953.05
  • Jennifer Kuseff Jennifer Kuseff $938.55

Top Teams

  • Wendy Mann Dragons Abreast Sydney $5,833.50
  • Corina Wotherspoon FuFighters $4,359.43
  • Linda Papworth Dragons Abreast Patterson Lakes Pink Lotus $3,885.05